Meet Our Team

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Mike McGrath
Mike has 25 years experience in industrial electrical controls, with a focus on automation. Mike attended BCIT studying Electronics Technology. He is a Journeyman Electrician with a full resumé of industrial, commercial and residential experience. He sees the “big picture” in every project and he is the glue between various technologies that we bring together to provide your project with a seamless result. Mike is the primary contact for most projects and he has the uncanny ability to transmute your ideas into functioning systems.

Tyler Williams
Electrician/Electronics Intergrator
Tyler has over a decade in the electrical field, ranging from residential low voltage to industrial high voltage applications. His early years were spent focusing on automotive security and audio, which opened the door to a foreman position maintaining signals and communications for the railway. His strength lies in uniformity and cleanliness providing the team with effortless troubleshooting and the customer with a neat and orderly finished product. Tyler always has an eye out for things out of place and will rectify the problem immediately.

Tyler Flemming
Electrician/System Integrator
Tyler’s 15+ years experience gives him a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills in home automation, satellite, TV installations, car audio, home audio, video and security. He holds certifications in satellite TV and Networking. Tyler hails from Vancouver Island, a recent convert to the Okanagan and so far is enjoying the sunshine and friendly people.

Evan Lemiski
Evan is a registered electrical apprentice with 4 years experience in residential low voltage. He excels in providing quality installations and is keen to put his education to use.

Seiko Saito
Office Assistant
Seiko keeps the invoicing, payroll and accounting straight for all of us. She is a graduate of Chubu University in Kasugai, Japan with a degree in International Relations. She also holds a Diploma in Accounting from Okanagan College. She has lived in the Okanagan for 6 years.

Paige Orcherton
Apprentice Electrician
Paige is a registered Electrical Apprentice and is ambitious to put her learning into practice.