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homeworksLighting has gone through a transition from more traditional heat-generating incandescent bulbs to significantly more efficient light technologies — but we are on the cusp of even bigger change as LED lighting is fast becoming the new standard. In short, lights a decade ago used a high amount of electrical energy to produce a small amount of light and a large amount of heat. This has evolved to much more efficient high-light, low-heat lighting. As the bulbs themselves are changing, so too are the switching methods.

The newer low power LED lights open a whole new era of dimming, motion detection, scene setting, creative lighting and mobile access for your home. Industry Standards are just starting to be established in this area and as a result it can be confusing and disappointing to buyers that don’t have the experience with selecting the correct technology for the job.

We work with suppliers such as Leviton, Lutron, Vantage Controls and Savant to provide various levels of lighting automation for your home or business.

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