Drapes, Blinds & Shades

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shadesIn an area like the Okanagan that gets a lot of sunshine year-round and bakes during the summer, having the proper window coverings is a very important part of a home-owner’s green strategy. Having shades that drop down (or go up in winter) when the sun hits the side of the house can save hundreds of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs over time.

We provide shading solutions that are powered and programmed so you can adjust the shades directly or you can depend on a schedule to automatically adjust the shades to optimize light vs. heat in your home.

For example, If you have large southwest facing windows and normal shades, you will either cook in the summer with tiphone_shadeshe windows not covered, or will have to take time and effort to manually drop the shades around noon daily. If you have an automated system installed it can either be scheduled to drop the shades a precise amount at a precise time, or it can be triggered by a light/heat sensor to drop the shades whenever it hits a certain threshold, and of course raise them again if the day changes significantly or as the sun goes down.

We can provide any level of sophistication in shade style, colour, capabilities and integration with the rest of your smart home, tying in lighting and HVAC when the shades are opened or closed. We install Lutron, QMotion and Somfy shades.

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