Technical Support

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tech_supportAt RobotHouse we recognize that home automation includes your laptop, desktop and mobile computing devices. We are experts at providing technical support for your network and all your computers – Macs, iPads, Windows PCs, Printers, Media Servers and the rest of your smart home devices.

The Consumerization of IT

There is a shift happening with technology. The smart phone or tablet you’re likely reading this on now represents what would have been a dozen different devices not very long ago. And, the average smartphone user needs little more than an hour or two of coaching to catch on and be able to maintain their devices.

The challenge for businesses and homeowners is the fragmentation and lack of understanding of the networks and underlying infrastructure needed to keep everything running smoothly. So while the user needs less support for their devices, they need more support for the systems that host those devices.

RobotHouse has an excellent understanding of how to make your network as efficient as possible and reduce the downtime and weak spots within your home or organization.


Now that most everyone has a smartphone or tablet that has more power than the average desktop workstation, there is a significant push within small to medium business for staff to Bring Your Own Device to work. This can come from the staff themselves or from management looking towards potential cost savings. At RobotHouse we understand the balance between the flexibility and capability of BYOD and the need for solid secure infrastructure. We can work with your business to ensure you get the advantages of both.

Support Contracting

Often a business cannot afford a full time support person on staff, or the “boss’s nephew” support system just isn’t providing the level of expertise required. We provide support by the hour or by more economical custom packages, which provide a specified amount of support per month, depending on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss a package that works best for you.