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Home Automation is a buzz at home centres, hardware stores, computer and electronics stores and from many home service providers including utility companies, plumbing, heating and electrical contractors. This has created fragmentation as the industry grows and grasps towards standards. The bigger players are beginning to standardize their product lines and streamline them to fit within frameworks provided by the likes of Apple and Google. It will be a while yet before the “Internet of Things” settles into a dependable routine. We have yet to see what develops from such technologies as Apple’s HomeKit, but it claims to bring some structure and standardization to a very fragmented growing market.

okanaganSituated in the north Okanagan, RobotHouse provides automation control systems from players in the industry that are at the forefront of innovation and standardization. These companies have developed strong foundations in their industries, but are continuing to evolve their development towards industry-wide automation standards.

Nearly everything in your home is brought together with a single device – a tablet, where a few apps provide you access to automated heat, light, audio, window treatments, security systems, vacation schedules and internet access.


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