WiFi Solutions

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wifiWireless networking is no longer an add-on to the Internet in your home. It has become the mainstay, with many day-to-day devices only having wireless available. On larger, multi-level homes the typical wireless offerings from Internet Service Providers, big box and office/electronics stores often fall flat. Dark spots, interruptions, slow speeds and questionable security are the order of the day with most of their product offerings.

At RobotHouse we provide enterprise-grade wireless (and wired) networking using trouble-free, rock-solid Pakedge networking systems. The Pakedge system combines multiple wireless access points with a central controller to provide excellent coverage while eliminating channel conflicts, overlap problems and dark spots within your network, which result in stalling of your wireless network.

Pakedge – “Pakedge wireless products are designed to meet the high capacity, throughput and coverage requirements of the most demanding installations.”